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Get closer to GOD today: (725) 261-6830

Get closer to GOD today: (725) 261-6830

A Corporate or Strategic Partnership demonstrates our shared goals and values. For a one-time or annual commitment to support the Shepherd of Bethel, your company can access benefits while supporting our work over a longer period of time. We will work with you to build a partnership that generates value and impact.


Our impact

This year, our campaigning has seen the US government announce cost of living support and commit to upgrading benefits in line with inflation. We know our voices are being heard, but these measures simply don’t go far enough.

With record levels of need for more food banks in our network and more people than ever accessing a food bank for the first time, the true reality is that too many people are unable to stay warm, fed, and dry right now.

Campaign With Us

By acting together with one voice, we are incredibly powerful. We are a movement of thousands of people who believe that no one should have to go hungry.

We need a long-term commitment that the social security system will always protect people from needing a food bank, which means ensuring people can afford the essentials we all need.
Together we can call for a more just society where no one needs a food bank to get by.

What We Do

Influencing for change

We work hard to show that ending the need for food banks is a mission for all, and one that every politician should be taking seriously. One of the most effective ways to make lasting change is to change government policy. While it can be slow and challenging, changing government policy has significant and lasting effects, and can make a real difference to millions of people on the lowest incomes.

Working locally to create change

Food banks in US provide support in their communities and they know them best. They have unique knowledge that they use to create change locally. Our Organising and Local Mobilisation team support food banks in our network to organise, influence and campaign for change.
One of the ways we do that is through our organising programme, which provides a package of grant funding as well as training and ongoing support to give food banks the capacity, skills, and resources to identify local issues, develop influencing strategies and campaign to make change happen.
The programme encourages building on the networks, relationships and respect they already have, finding and developing local leaders and, crucially, ensuring people with lived experience of poverty and destitution are at the heart of all we do.

Building our voice

We work in partnership with other campaigning organisations to create maximum impact and harness the power of our collective skills, insights and voice.